Odor Control Systems

Many industries have odor control systems issues. Some of these industries have rules and regulations that must be met to remain in operation or to avoid heavy penalties. When you have an odor control issue or odor control requirements, you need a solution you know you can trust.

VAI is a leader in the odor control systems industry, having been in business since 1989 using high-pressure fog mist technology as a proven, effective method to solve a growing set of odor issues. We are the pioneer in the high-pressure fog industry and specialize in odor containment for industries with the toughest odor challenges and stringent regulatory requirements.

Our high-pressure fog systems have been independently tested and proven to eliminate odors associated with solid waste treatment facilities, waste transfer stations, microbial decomposition of animal waste, cannabis cultivation and a growing number of other industries experiencing odor control systems challenges. Additionally, our systems have, and can control odors associated with food production, water treatment, landfills, solid waste, Industrial odor control systems, frocking, petroleum, and fertilizer. Whether your odor issue is within an indoor environment or completely outdoors, we can help control the odor.

Indoor Odor Control Systems

In an indoor environment, high-pressure fog systems can be installed by adding nozzle rings on existing ductwork or fans, creating a matrix that covers the entire workspace or running lines along the perimeter of entry/exit points. Our proprietary odor control blend is added to the water supply system and then pressurized, creating a fine fog. When the fog is released with the odor control blend mix, a series of chemical reactions occur, that completely neutralize the odor in the facility. The fog does not produce wetness on equipment, people or the grounds due to our high-pressure technology that atomizes the water droplets.

When necessary, we can create an exterior defense system around the facility by adding fog lines to the perimeter of the facility or property line to treat odors that could potentially escape the interior of the facility.

Outdoor Odor Control Systems

For outdoor job sites, VAI creates a perimeter defense system using Industrial odor control systems & high-pressure fog lines ran around the exterior of the facility. The same proprietary blend used for indoor purposes is mixed with pressurized water to create a fine fog that works to eliminate the odor through a series of chemical reactions. The Industrial odor control systems control process is the same whether it’s an indoor or outdoor facility, but the set-up and system requirements differ.

For large outdoor areas, or areas where mounting of perimeter fog lines is a challenge, now we offer a complete line of are designed to cover areas ranging from a few thousand square feet to over 250,000 square feet from a single location.

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How it Works

Odor Control Systems


Odour control unit will extract the odorous gases from the collection tanks or designated area and releases the odourless air in the atmosphere. There are various proven odour control technologies are available in the market like Activated carbon adsorption, Chemical scrubber, and Biological oxidation systems

Absorption of impurities into an aqueous solution in which the impurities are oxidized is a technique that is frequently used for odor control. Sodium hypochlorite is probably the most widely used absorbent because of its low cost and effectiveness in oxidizing most organic compounds.