Mist Fan

Types of Misting Fan

Mist Fan

Mist Fan Model:26CF01

26" Centrifugal Automization Design:

Voltage 220V/50Hz, Power : 260W
Grill : 26", Black, Speed : Three
Height : 1.75 Mtr., Pump : Big
Fan of Motor : % Copper winding, heavy duty
Speed : 3.
Mist Volume : Adjustable, Oscillation : 90°
Water Tank Capacity : 49 Ltrs. Tilt
Arrangement : Yes
Air Flow : 145 (m³/Min). Color : Black
Covered Area : 30M²
Mist & Air delivery driven by separate motor, convenient to use and easy to maintain.
Hight Adjustment : Non-Adjustable
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Mist Fan Model: VAI-26CF03

26" Centrifugal Automization Design:

Voltage : 220V/50Hz Power : 260W
Grill : 26", Black
Speed : Three
Height : 1.75 Mtr.
Pump : Big
Mist Volume : Adjustable
Oscillation : 90°
Tilt Arrangement : Yes
Water Tank Capacity 41 Ltrs
Air Flow : 145 (m³/Min) Color : Black
Covered Area : 30M²
Mist & Air delivery driven by separate motor, convenient to use and easy to maintain.
Hight Adjustment : Non-Adjustable

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Mist Fan Model: VAI-26CF06

26" Centrifugal Automization Design:

Voltage: 220V/50Hz, Power : 260W
Grill : 26", Black, Silver, Speed : Three
Height : 2 Mtr., Pump : Big
Electric Motor : 100% Copper winding, heavy duty.
Mist Volume : Adjustable
Oscillation : 90°
Tilt Arrangement : Yes
Water Tank Capacity : 41 Ltrs
Air Flow : 145 (m³/Min) Color : Black,Silver
Covered Area : 30M²
Mist & Air delivery driven by separate motor, convenient to use and easy to maintain.
Hight Adjustment : Non-Adjustable
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What is a Mist Fan?

A mist fan is a type of fan that produces a fine mist of water. The mist evaporates, cooling the air and making it more comfortable. Mist fans are often used outdoors, but they can also be used indoors.

Mist fans work by using a pump to push water through a nozzle. The nozzle breaks the water up into a fine mist. The mist is then blown out of the fan, evaporating as it goes. The evaporation of the water absorbs heat from the surrounding air, cooling it down.

Mist fans can be a great way to cool down on a hot day. They are also a good way to add moisture to the air, which can be helpful in dry climates. Mist fans are not as powerful as air conditioners, but they are a more energy-efficient way to cool down.

Some of the benefits of using a mist fan:

Cools down the air:

Mist fans work by evaporating water, which absorbs heat from the surrounding air. This can help to cool down the air by a few degrees.

Adds moisture to the air:

Mist fans can also add moisture to the air, which can be helpful in dry climates. This can help to prevent dry skin and chapped lips.

Is energy-efficient:

Mist fans are more energy-efficient than air conditioners. This is because they do not need to use as much energy to evaporate the water.

Is portable:

Mist fans are often portable, so you can take them with you wherever you go. This makes them a good option for people who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Types of mist fan:

Portable mist fans:

These are the most common type of mist fan. They are small and lightweight, so you can easily take them with you wherever you go.

Standing mist fans:

These are larger than portable mist fans and they have a stand. They are a good option for people who want a more powerful mist fan.

Wall-mounted mist fans:

These are mounted on the wall and they are a good option for people who want a permanent mist fan.

Ceiling-mounted mist fans:

These are mounted on the ceiling and they are a good option for people who want a large mist fan that covers a wide area.

Commercial mist fans:

These are large mist fans that are designed for commercial use. They are often used in warehouses, factories, and other large spaces.

Impingement mist fans:

These fans use a high-pressure stream of water to break up the water into a fine mist.

Ultrasonic mist fans:

These fans use ultrasonic waves to break up the water into a fine mist.

Combination mist fans:

These fans use a combination of impingement and ultrasonic technology to produce a fine mist.

When choosing a mist fan, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • The size of the area that needs to be cooled.
  • The type of mist fan that you want.
  • The budget.

It is also important to make sure that the mist fan is safe to use. You should never use a mist fan near open flames.

Mist Fan Manufacturer & Suppliers!

Beat the heat with our revolutionary mist fans that are designed to provide you with the ultimate cooling experience. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of mist fans, we take pride in offering cutting-edge technology, premium quality, and exceptional customer service. Whether you're looking to cool your outdoor space, commercial establishment, or industrial facility, our mist fans are the perfect solution for all your cooling needs.

Why Choose Our Mist Fans?

High-Quality Performance:

Our mist fans are engineered to deliver high-performance cooling, even in the hottest weather conditions. They effectively reduce the ambient temperature by dispersing ultra-fine water droplets, creating a refreshing mist that cools the surrounding air.

Energy Efficiency:

We understand the importance of sustainability, which is why our mist fans are designed to be energy-efficient. With innovative features and advanced misting technology, our fans consume minimal power while providing maximum cooling comfort.

Durable Build:

Our mist fans are built to last. Crafted from top-notch materials, they are highly durable and can withstand various environmental elements, ensuring longevity and optimal performance for years to come.

Customization Options:

We offer a range of mist fan models to suit your specific requirements. From portable mist fans for personal use to high-capacity misting systems for large outdoor areas or industrial settings, we have a diverse selection to meet your needs.

Easy Installation and Maintenance:

Setting up our mist fans is a breeze. We provide comprehensive installation guides, and our team is always available to assist you if needed. Additionally, our mist fans are designed for easy maintenance, saving you time and effort in the long run.

Enhanced User Experience:

The ergonomically designed mist fans come with user-friendly controls, allowing you to adjust the misting intensity and fan speed as per your preference. Enjoy the convenience of a handheld remote or integrated control panel, depending on the model you choose.


Our mist fans are suitable for a wide range of applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Whether it's a patio, restaurant, amusement park, or warehouse, our mist fans can transform any environment into a cool oasis.

Excellent Customer Support:

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you with any queries, technical assistance, or after-sales support.

If you are looking for reliable mist fan manufacturers and suppliers, look no further. Mistcoolingsystem caters to bulk orders, wholesale inquiries, and retail partnerships. Join us in providing top-of-the-line misting solutions to customers worldwide.

Advantages Misting Fan

    High cooling capacity:

    On average, a mist fan can usually drop the ambient temperature by about 3 to 5 degree Celsius within a short time. Depending on the conditions and variant of the mist fan, temperatures can be reduced by up to 10-12 degrees also.

    Power saving:

    Mist fans have adequate capacity to run at 14% of the air conditioners capacity, allowing the mist fan to save as much power as possible.

    Low cost:

    A mist fan is far less expensive than purchasing, installing, and maintaining an air conditioner. When it comes to cooling, many individuals prefer to buy mist fans rather than air conditioners. In addition, it is well-known that poorly-kept air conditioning systems can cause damage to the health of the users, but this concern is completely eliminated when one uses a mist fan.

    Effective moisture balance:

    Mist spray feature of the fan helps to manage the humidity. In a home setting, it enhances skin moisture while preventing respiratory infections. If your home has air conditioning, pair it with a misting fan, which can effectively counteract the air conditioners dehumidification.

    Mosquito and insect-killing mode:

    The latest industrial misting fans feature a mosquito repellent mode, offering a peaceful night's sleep for your family. This functionality is valuable in both industrial and home settings. In industrial environments, mosquitoes can cause damage to critical components and create inconvenience. In homes, it reduces the risk of contracting diseases like malaria and dengue.

    Create ionic moisture to clean, cool the air:

    Some fans have the ability to produce moisture ions; once the function is activated, the fan will produce fresh, cool air.

    Easy to navigate, convenient controls:

    The mist fan is small and unobtrusive, and it can be readily moved to any desired position. The misting fan’s entire function is controlled by a remote; all you have to do is sit and change the fan as you need.

Venkateshwara Agrotech Industries

Specifications of VAI Mist Fans

Product Description for Mist Fans: Centrifugal atomization design.

No need for nozzle and water-filtration equipment.

Adjustable misting volume.

Fan surface with powder coating, good rust prevention, and long life.

Motor with low-temperature-rise design, steady performance, long-life operation, low noise.

Mist and air delivery are driven by a separate motor, convenient to use, and easy to maintain.

The protective device for the pump when water is running out.

Additional Benefits of Mist Fans: control, Odor control,Insect pesticide control.

Special Usages:Livestock farm, greenhouse, mushroom breeding field, workshop, outdoor activity, etc.

VAI is the Manufacturer

VAI is the Manufacturer and supplier of wide range of misting products which include:

  • Electric misting fans,
  • Portable mist fans,
  • Industrial fans with water mist,
  • Sanitizer misting fan.

We are viewed as a trusted supplier by our stellar clients, which include the likes of big names like Marriott Hotels, Jaguar and Land Rover, Aditya Birla Group, Kirloskar, Indian Railways among many others.

Whether you are looking for an equipment to control the temperature in your space temporarily, or make your outdoor event a success, or give your factory premises the much needed cooling solution, VAIis the company you can rely on.


Ans: Yes, mist fans can be effectively used in cafes and restaurants to create a cool and refreshing outdoor dining experience for customers. The fine mist helps to lower the ambient temperature and provide relief from the heat, enhancing the overall comfort of patrons.

Ans: While a misting fan can still provide some cooling effect in high humidity, its effectiveness may be reduced compared to drier environments. The moisture in the air saturates the atmosphere, making it harder for the mist to evaporate quickly and provide a substantial cooling sensation.

Ans: Misting fans are ideal for larger areas like warehouses and outdoor events, as they combine the cooling power of mist with the ability to circulate cool air over a larger space. On the other hand, mist systems are better suited for smaller, confined areas like patios and outdoor dining spaces, where the misting alone provides ample evaporative cooling without the need for additional air movement.

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