Filter Housing And Filter Cartridges

Nozzles play a vital role in the performance of your misting system. They help breakdown the water generated through the pump into tiny droplets. The finer the mist, the faster it absorbs, creating cool surroundings in seconds. However, with time, nozzles become clogged when dust and dirt settle inside them. This is usually because of poor maintenance and hard water deposits

Water filtration is a necessary step for any misting system. VAI offers a variety of filtration options including sediment, wound and spun filter cartridges. For systems that require purified water, VAI also offers design and consultation services for incorporating a reverse osmosis (RO) unit into the misting system.

VAI’s filter range includes 1 micron, 5 micron, 10 micron and 25 micron cartridges as well as a specialty wound and spun cartridge for the 10″ filter housing. This cartridge helps minimize the adverse effects of various small solids and filter the water supply.

For very high flow rates VAI’s has large filter housing with dual stage cartridge or a multi cartridge filter with stainless steel housing.


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