The robust, relatively cheap and energy-efficient way to cool the exterior is an outdoor misting system India. In recent years the misting system has been adapted for domestic use and it has proven to be a great blessing to those who wishing to spend time outdoors.


The working principle behind the outdoor misting system is quite simple. It operates by connecting a water line to the main house water supply and stringing this water line at an altitude of 10 feet or more. The system has to be installed around the perimeter of the area you wish to keep cool – be it the patio, the garden, the lawn, the backyard or the pool area.

You have to fix the misting nozzles at regular intervals along the water pipe. You get nozzles made of plastic, brass, stainless steel and ceramic – although brass nozzles are the best, viewed form a maintenance angle. The most critical components of an outdoor misting system are the nozzles and therefore you should select the best quality nozzles regardless of the price.

Due to the miniature size of the water droplets that escape through the misting nozzles they go through a process known as flash evaporation. This, in effect, means they vaporize fast and the heat in the air is quickly substituted with cool air. It is widely believed that such systems lower the air temperature by as much as 30 degrees.

In less humid areas, the cooling effect obviously is slightly greater but under normal humid conditions the cooling system will let your family members and guests enjoy the outdoors – however high the prevailing temperature.

There is a popular misconception that outdoor mist systems would consume heavy quantities water to provide the cooling effect. Nothing can be farther from truth than this. The quantum of water being used by the misting system is actually very little. Depending on the water pressure and the size of the misting nozzles in use, it is reported that less than a gallon of water per hour for each nozzle is all that is required.

As of date, outdoor misting system is the best known method to combat heat and bring down the temperature.

There are several suppliers of good quality outdoor mist cooling systems. While there may be some minor variations among different manufacturers, most of them will work on the same principle. There is also do-it-yourself low pressure misting kits available in the market that the users can buy to build their own system.

Apart from supplying cool air to ward off the torrid heat, the outdoor misting system also reduces the dust levels and foul odors that usually accompany the summer heat.

To sum up, an outdoor misting system is a low-cost, low energy consuming way of cooling a considerable part of your exteriors during the summer months.